Yahoo!7 Homepage

Yahoo!7 Homepage

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Yahoo!7 Homepage

The way in which people are using the web and mobile devices is changing. Yahoo!7’s new homepage delivers an experience that makes it easier to access our premium content and engage our more than 8 million users in a way that makes sense for them. We’ve created a new homepage that is less cluttered, makes it easier to find the content that people want, has features that increase user engagement and time on the page and recognises that people are using different devices to access different content across the day.

Yahoo!7 undertook an audience focused design approach to the development process including extensive consumer research, identifying what people wanted from the Yahoo!7 homepage. Research included multiple rounds of focus groups, useability testing, heat map analysis, analysis of current audience behaviour trends and global best practices.

    The result is a new homepage that delivers more of what advertisers want from Yahoo!7 including:
  • Easy access to Australia’s favourite media brands: The main navigation bar is horizontally positioned at the top of the page with a prominently positioned Yahoo!7 search box to make it easier to find the depth of great content available on Yahoo!7.
  • Quick-and-easy access to email: We’ve built-in an innovative hover overlay for logged-in mail users. This feature displays a snapshot of the most recent emails in a user’s inbox without leaving the homepage.
  • Longer page: A longer page design showcases the breadth of content available on the Yahoo!7 network without creating a cluttered and overwhelming experience for the user.
  • Mobile and Tablet: We’ve built the new homepage in a way that allows the content to become device aware, enabling it to automatically optimize itself for the device that it’s being viewed on.
  • Branded and custom destinations: There is a strong advertiser demand for branded and custom destinations on Yahoo!7. The new design integrates sponsored content modules, enabling delivery of this unique content at scale. By contextually linking advertising content, advertisers will reach even more consumers who are interested in their messages.
  • Relevant advertising: Users indicated a strong preference for advertising that contextually relates to what they are viewing. The ‘brought to you by’ logos will allow advertisers to align themselves with the premium content across our key properties while maximising the reach of our homepage audience.

    Built locally by the Yahoo!7 team in Australia, the new homepage also delivers on what users want, including:
  • Welcome Note: personalised welcome note based on the users location, including weather and a greeting for signed-in users. The greeting may even suggest articles of interest to the user.
  • TV Guide: the TV Guide icon has hover overlay to see when your favourite show is on without leaving the homepage.
  • Finance: Signed-in users can view snapshots of the first four items in their Finance portfolio.
  • News: ‘Top Headlines’ added to promote news items. Light customisable options are available to filter news of interest.
  • PLUS7: a TV carousel which showcases ‘Featured’, ‘Just Added’ and ‘Soon to Expire’ shows.
  • Lifestyle: lifestyle topics can be filtered through light-touch customisation.
  • Video: ‘Must-See Video’ module surfaces popular video content.
  • Deals: Spreets daily deals module based on users’ location.
  • Yahoo!7 Search Bar: Search bar conveniently stays at the top of the page as users scroll.

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